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I’m a straight shooter on a mission. Empowering brand owners to take the reins of their brand and its direction is my thing.

If you dream big and believe that brands have a responsibility to do better, all while not taking yourself too seriously, then we’re a dream team.

Think Muriel and Rhonda. Or Thelma and Louise. Epic!

I break down this daunting thing called ‘brand strategy’ and set you up with your own winning formula so you can own it and run with it.

Your brand is your most important asset. And it certainly is NOT just a logo.

Where I got my street cred…

AKA Origin Story


Here I am. It’s 2005 and we find ourselves in Brisbane, Australia. You’re looking at a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed marketing grad who’s pretty chuffed because she scored herself a sweet FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) marketing assistant gig at a huge multinational corporation. Little did I know what was ahead of me.

I worked on fun brands and made TV ads. I organised sponsorships with football teams and surfing competitions. I got to scheme new products that I’d then see on the shelves of supermarkets all over the country. Life was good.

Almost a decade later, with big plans in mind and a corporate ladder to climb, the call of another massive multinational was too tempting to resist. I packed my bags and moved to Sydney to do the same all over again. By now I had mastered the craft. I was just crafting for a new star lineup of brands.

I loved my job. And I loved the incredibly smart people I worked with.
What I didn’t love was the hamster wheel of corporate life. Somehow I had settled into my comfort zone and accepted that going for the ‘top’ was the thing to do.

It was time to question the status quo and shake things up. So one day I grabbed a journal and got real with myself.

Something wasn’t right. I was out of alignment.

I realised I wanted more. More in a living-life-to-the-fullest kinda way.


So in 2016, husbo and I both quit our jobs, packed up all our belongings (again) and ventured into the big unknown. We became digital nomads. And this change of scenery opened my eyes to ways of using my talents that a cubicle in an open-plan office tries to contain at all cost.

I discovered brand building with more authenticity and a lot more strategy.

I focused on genuine connections between brands and their audiences.

I craved hands-on work rather than the removed take of the corporate world.

And I loved the idea that I could do that from anywhere with a good wifi connection.

So that’s what I do now.

I help ambitious solopreneurs craft their brands from scratch so they can unleash their vision to the world.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Fun Facts

⚡️ I love craft beer. With a craft-beer-nerd kinda passion. 🍻

⚡️ I’m unapologetically feminist and strongly believe we deserve to live in a world with equal opportunities for EVERYONE. When we support each other, magic happens. The many damn smart womxn I’ve met on my travels are living proof. Community over competition for the win. 👯‍♀️

⚡️ 80s & shoe gazing music is my jam. I don’t make a secret of it and have no idea what’s happening on the charts. Who even is Lady Gaga? 👩🏼‍🎤

⚡️ I’ve watched almost every series of Star Trek. Come on. Try me. 🖖

⚡️ Sometimes I swear like a sailor. I’m just missing the eye-patch. 🤭

⚡️ I come across as ‘quirky’. My love of sarcasm and that growing collection of handmade earrings and brooches probably are to blame. Or the 80s music and sci-fi. Take your pick. 🙃

⚡️ I slip into cheerleader mode once I’ve worked with you #cheerleaderforlife. Not because I’m a creepy stalker, but because I genuinely care. 👯




Bull 💩

Friends say I’m quirky, creative, caring and positive. Which actually is spot on!

Clients say equally fitting things…

If you’re in search for a great brand strategist, Melissa is the person you’re looking for. I’ve rarely worked with someone who’s so capable, lovely to work with, supportive even after your project is formally over, and happy to go the extra mile when delivering.

Thank you Melissa for your professionalism, support and overall great personality 🙂

Martina Russo

Translator, Entrepreneur, MOVING WORDS TRANSLATIONS

Working with Melissa was an absolute delight. She is very professional yet easy going, has a great sense of humour and masters her domain.

Starting the process, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted my brand to represent, and through working with Melissa, I’ve managed to get a clear picture of who I am (as my brand), who my target is and what does it all mean. My Brand Book covered everything I needed to go ahead and start my branding work i.e logo design, website design, social media presence etc. I’ve handed it to both my graphic designer and my website developer and they just ‘got’ it.

Rachel Ron


Melissa is unique. She is a brand strategist that cares deeply about ensuring you create a commercially sound business. She brings both discipline and fun to the process. Her tools and resources enable you to thoroughly work through your brand strategy so that you come out the other side with clarity and direction. If you need help getting your brand, marketing and business in order then Melissa has everything you need to get on the right track.

Kate Patsky


Ready to get your hands dirty?

Whether you’re the DIY kind, or thrive on one-on-one guidance, I’ve got you covered.