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Latest on the Blog

A PESTLE is more than a kitchen implement. It’s also a strategic management tool you need to know.

An external analysis takes stock of the environment your brand is operating in. In this blog, I introduce the strategic management tool called a PESTLE analysis, which helps you break influences down into different areas to identify potential consequences for your business.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Archetypes: How These Two Psychological Tools Can Build Powerful Brands

Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, created the 'Hierarchy of Needs' to explain core human motivations from as early as 1943 and continued his work on this model throughout his career. The Hierarchy, while not rigidly linear, helps us understand the order in which basic...

The Dark Side Of Bundles With Big Discounts: Why They’re Bad For Both Customers And Brands

It happens pretty regularly. There’s a big buzz in online business circles about a too-good-to-be-true bundle of online courses, featuring a round up of (for example) 75 of them from various course creators across the globe. They’re packaged up and sold for the hugely...

Why You’ll Only See Round Numbers In My Pricing And Why You Might Want To Consider It Too

The year is circa 1994 and I’m scraping together my pocket money into a coin purse, jamming my helmet on and jumping on my bike to ride to the local milk bar. I’ve got my sights set on a mixed lolly bag that will be sitting at the counter, ready for me. I’m crossing...
Fact: Having A Marketing Plan Will Make You Sexier

Fact: Having A Marketing Plan Will Make You Sexier

It's true. Your brand will become 1000% more attractive to your consumers. Believe it or not, marketing isn't just about advertising. The same way a brand is not a logo, there's more to marketing than getting the word out there. Good marketing begins with solid...

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