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This is an interactive workshop to get crystal clear on your all-important brand foundations. It’s short, sharp and collaborative, meaning you are all in on the process.

At the end, you’ll come away with clarity about your brand purpose, vision, values, beliefs, personality and tone of voice. 

Sounding good? Read on for the nitty gritty.

The Brand Kickstarter is for you if…


⚡️  You know who you’re targeting and what they need from you.

⚡️  You are mostly clear about the benefits your product or service can give them.

⚡️  You are not clear about how your brand should ‘speak’ and ‘act’.

⚡️  You’re on a budget – time and cost wise – but want to get these important foundations right.


This is what goes down


⚡️   We’ll start off with you filling out some of the details on the target audience you know you’re after and the benefits your product or service provides them.

⚡️   Then we’ll have a 3-hour interactive workshop (i.e. I’m putting you to work) filled with creative thinking exercises. If we’re in the same city, awesome, we’ll meet up in person. If we’re not, that won’t stop us! We’ll do it over Zoom and have just as much fun.

⚡️   From there, I’ll mash away at the keyboard, pulling together all the work we’ve done together into a tidy strategic document called a Brand Blueprint.

⚡️   Then you can sling your Brand Blueprint (digitally, and not in a violent way) to whomever you need to help bring your brand to life. Whether it’s a copywriter, a designer, a web developer, a social media manager, a virtual assistant – whoever it is that needs to “get” your vibe.


Purpose + Vision

Why you’re here and where you see your brand going

Values + Beliefs

Your foundational guiding lights

Character + Personality

Your brand as a person, so you know ‘who’ it is

Tone of Voice

How your brand ‘speaks’ and how to use that voice through your business

examples of the Brand Codex you'll get. it's just a sample, you'll actually get way more.


Here’s where I tell you the benefits

⚡️   Clear – so you can make decisions that align with your brand easily

⚡️   Confident – to *lead* conversations with those who will work on your brand, not have them lead for you

⚡️   Energised – feeling pumped about your brand changes how you go about business

⚡️   Working with a bona fide expert with +16 years in marketing big name brands


Annnnnd now for the investment

I wholeheartedly believe this is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Every client I have hosted a workshop for has had one of those ‘lights-in-the-eyes-a-ha’ moments. I live for that moment.

✨ $2,000 USD ✨

Psst: in case you’re comparing prices, this is a *teensy fraction* of the cost of an agency.

And do past clients corroborate my story?

Spoiler alert: they sure do…

Working with Melissa was an absolute delight. She is very professional yet easy going, has a great sense of humour and masters her domain.

Starting the process, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted my brand to represent, and through working with Melissa, I’ve managed to get a clear picture of who I am (as my brand), who my target is and what does it all mean. My Brand Book covered everything I needed to go ahead and start my branding work i.e logo design, website design, social media presence etc. I’ve handed it to both my graphic designer and my website developer and they just ‘got’ it.

Rachel Ron


Working with Melissa has been a real pleasure. Her enthusiasm from day one really made us feel she cared about us and our company, consequently the final product way exceeded our expectations.

I would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Melissa!

Richard Clarke


Melissa is unique. She is a brand strategist that cares deeply about ensuring you create a commercially sound business. She brings both discipline and fun to the process. Her tools and resources enable you to thoroughly work through your brand strategy so that you come out the other side with clarity and direction. If you need help getting your brand, marketing and business in order then Melissa has everything you need to get on the right track.

Kate Patsky


Ready to get to work?