I’ve got a confession. I’ve got a small…. list.

I’m not ashamed to say it.

And it’s not like it’s a surprise to me. I’m really just getting started with an online presence, and while I have a few posts here and there, I’m not spewing out blogs every 5 minutes. And that’s ok. That’s not what I want to be doing – that’s not aligned with where I’m at right now. My focus has been on in-person networking and client work… and Instagram 😉

But it doesn’t mean that growing an email list isn’t important to me.

It absolutely is. For me, it’s about building a list of the right people, here for the right reasons.

Which is why my interest was piqued when I heard about Interact quizzes.

We’ve all spent an inordinate amount of time on a Facebook quiz to work out which Hogwart’s house we’re in or which Star Wars character we’re most like. I’ve done waaay too many quizzes about being an 80s kid growing up in Australia. It wasn’t the time-killer factor that interested me (I have plenty of procrastination techniques of my own thank you verrrry much 💁‍♀️), it was the ability to add a little more value to my audience.

So, I decided to give it a try. I started by thinking about the objective (cos, you know, it’s all about strategy first around here 💥). I knew I wanted to be able to segment my audience, so I opted for a “Personality” type of quiz.


Interact – Quiz Type Options


I was then able to choose from a huge bank of templates, so I didn’t have to start from scratch. I think this is a great option for a newbie and makes the user-experience that much simpler.


Interact – Quiz Template Options


Then I followed the very intuitive process within the Interact builder to customise my quiz to what I wanted. I played with copy and made sure it was in my brand voice (hint hint). I changed images. I added small brand touches like colours and logos.

What I loved the most?

At no point was I overwhelmed by the interface. The “challenges” I faced were all to do with the content and how it would help me achieve my business objectives, so I asked myself:

  • How do these questions relate back to my brand purpose?
  • How would the answers to these help me understand my audience better?
  • How could the results help me add value to my audience?
  • How can I inject a little bit of fun and gamification into my site?


Interact – Quiz Customisation Options


Want to see the result? Here’s the quiz I built 👇


Interact also makes it super easy to integrate with other apps and programs, so the handy WordPress plugin did most of the work for my website, and the link to my email program Active Campaign was seamless.

I’ve got a few traffic-driving activities in the works right now, so it will be interesting to see how the quiz then performs as a ‘lead generator’ (ugh, or in more human terms, as an ‘audience builder’) over the next little while.

If you’re interested in having a play with a quiz yourself, I’d definitely recommend starting out on the free plan [yes, this is an affiliate link] and getting a feel for how it could work for you. Then you can upgrade and take advantage of the advanced analytics you can dive into as part of a paid plan.

Have you had any experience with quizzes or other forms of gamification to help get your message to a broader audience? Let me know what worked for you 👇


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