50 Prompts For Pivoting Workbook

This workbook has 50 questions to consider before making big changes to your business. During times of crisis it’s easy to panic and make swift decisions based on emotions (like fear). This workbook will hopefully help you validate some of those decisions, to make sure they’re aligned with your longer term brand vision.

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Making changes in your business quickly can certainly lead to positive consequences (like sustained revenue, continued audience engagement, etc.). But they can also lead to negative consequences (like damage to your brand if it doesn’t align, loss of revenue, etc.).

I’ve created these 50 prompts to help you think through any change you’re considering making to your business – in crises and beyond – as objectively as possible. You can use this workbook repeatedly anytime you’re thinking of making change.

Because I know we’re all facing uncertainty, instead of setting a price for this, I’d like to invite you to name your price. You pay what you’re comfortable with, and I still get to keep my business going. Win-win.


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