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Strategic Overhaul

Who it’s for:

You’re an established business who:

⚡️ Is looking to completely unpack your business to build a consumer-centric strategic plan.

⚡️ Has lots of ideas of where to go next, but you aren’t sure which will best serve your business or audience.

⚡️ Needs some external help to be able to see the forest from the trees.


What it includes:

Internal Analysis

Deep dive into your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities

External Analysis

Understanding the category and market you’re in, key opportunities, threats, trends.

Benefits + Value Proposition

How you uniquely offer value to your audience

Core Customer Challenge

Understand what we need to do to change customer behaviour

Purpose + Vision

Why you’re here and where your brand is going

Values + Beliefs

Your foundational guiding lights

Character + Personality

Define your brand as if it were a person

Tone of Voice

Defining how your brand ‘speaks’ and how to use it through your business

Brand Story

Your origins, your challenges, your vision – all coming together as a story you can share

Brand Guardrails

Defining what your brand always or may be and what it will never be

Target Audience

Understanding your audience like your best friend

Brand Asset Audit

Reviewing your brand collateral, recommending where to optimise to align with your desired positioning

Communications Strategy

The approach for how to reach the right people with the right message

Content Pillars

What key themes you should be talking about through all channels

Channel Recommendations

Where to get your message out, including blueprints for each channel

The Outcome:

You’ll have a brand codex (a bible, a go-to manual of all-the-things “your brand”) that anybody working on your brand can pick up and understand what you’re all about. This isn’t something that will gather dust in the corner of your ‘strategy’ folder. It’s a resource for your team and your suppliers to ensure your brand remains consistent and aligned. 

You’ll also have clear next actions to take to start the process of working towards your objectives in line with this new, crystal-clear brand of yours.

What Comes Next:

Typical next steps after this process include finding and briefing suppliers who are aligned and put your strategy into action:

     ⚡️ a designer to update your brand’s visual identity across all of your brand collateral to reflect your evolved brand

     ⚡️ a web designer to evolve your online presence to align with your brand visuals and strategic goals

     ⚡️ a copywriter to craft conversion-driving content for your marketing plan

     ⚡️ a photographer to capture your products or services

     ⚡️ a social media manager to connect and engage with your audience

You’ll know exactly what you need from each of your suppliers to achieve your objectives. They’ll have a clear brief for what they need to deliver for you. And it will all come together to start working for your business.

Or, if you don’t have the capacity in-house and / or need some strategic guidance along the journey, I’ll be your go-to advisor to help manage your actions. A virtual chief marketing officer if you will, overseeing and project managing suppliers to ensure everything stays aligned. 

You needn’t decide this straight away, but it helps to think about what approach you’ll take.


Working with Melissa has been a real pleasure. Her enthusiasm from day one really made us feel she cared about us and our company, consequently the final product way exceeded our expectations.

I would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Melissa!

Richard Clarke

CEO, Secret Source

Working with Melissa and A Brand is Not A Logo has been an exceptional long term investment for my business. She is a serious rockstar to work with! I trust Melissa to oversee all of our branding, marketing and communication projects. No job or "quick" question has ever been too big or disadvantageous.

Approaching a job with attention to detail and utmost precision, she exceeds our expectations every time.

Charlotte Durack

Founder, Agri Creative

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from $8k – $25k AUD

This is a fully customised package designed to suit your specific needs and business objectives. The investment is dependent on this as well as your location, internal knowledge bank (e.g. past research insights, etc.), project duration, etc.

In this package, I act as a business advisor and project manager to get you moving in the right direction. 

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