Mandy was furloughed from her corporate job as a senior IT professional due to COVID-19. As a natural leader and mentor, women in her network began to reach out as they themselves were navigating uncertainty in their career path. Mandy quickly realised she had everything she needed to turn this passion for mentoring into a business, in order to expand her impact and hone her skills further.


From setback to triumph


In this interview, we talk about how Mandy is shifting from the structure of corporate life, to getting scrappy and resourceful in the exhilarating mess that is building her own executive coaching business. We touch on why she’s so passionate about helping women step out of the shadows and into their own genius in the corporate world. 

Mandy drops some excellent, universal advice for women who want to be heard, no matter what sphere they happen to be in.


Check out the full interview here.




Mandy has turned her natural strengths in mentoring women into a fully fledged executive coaching business. What drives her is her belief that women need to see it in order to be it. Having support and someone to ask the right questions to uncover the answers that bring career clarity and confidence so that more young women ascend the ranks of the corporate ladder is a clear motivator for her.



When seeking clarity don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help



The importance of reaching out for help – from a coach / consultant / expert – in order to be able to scale cleverly is something Mandy has recognised early, to get her business off the ground as quickly as she has.

Mandy’s work helping women navigate their next career move post-pandemic, and her future vision to lean right into the diversity and inclusion space to specifically help women of colour reach those upper echelons of the corporate sector, is no more necessary and perfectly timed than right now.


If you’re looking for a coach that can take your career to new levels, you can find Mandy at or on Instagram as @mandytuckercoaching or Facebook.

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